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COVID 19 Safety Protocol


Lash + Love Connection INC.

LBS Lash Bar INC

LX Beauty COVID-19 Safety Plan

05/16/20 COVID-19 Re-Opening Procedures


• All Clients must bring and wear a mask. If you do not have one we can provide one for purchase.

• Only the person having there service done is permitted in the salon. Please do not come with Friends or Children unless they have an appointment. They cannot wait in the salon when it is not their appointment time. If you are unable to make it to your appointment without your child please let one of our staff member know and we will do our best to reschedule your appointment.

• Please wash your hands as soon as you arrive.

• Please do not bring a coat or purse with you. We do advise leaving your purse in your vehicle.

• Please do not bring food or drinks to your appointment.

• When you arrive at the salon for you appointment please do not enter. we will have markings outside for you to wait. Only one person can be in the reception at a time.

• Clients MUST arrive with NO makeup and cleansed lashes.

• Please limit talking as much as possible.

• No cash until further notice.


COVID-19 Safety Plan Managing The Workplace


  • Stations have been distanced with every other station being closed

  • Every person who enters the salon must proceed to the hand washing station upon arrival.

  • No person shall be permitted to enter without a mask. We have additional masks that can be distributed.

  • Staff schedules have been altered into cohorts

  • Our operating hours have been extended to limit the number of persons working at any given time.

  • The waiting area is closed currently.

  • Only one person may be in the waiting area

  • Demarcations are placed outside the salon to indicate where clients may wait and enter safely apart from one another.

  • The maximum capacity for the staff room is one person.

  • The maximum capacity for the salon floor is 5 staff and 5 clients

  • The maximum capacity for reception/ checkout area is 1 staff member and 1 client

  • Our glass front window plus signage on the windows and doors indicates that the clients must wait outside until they are notified by a staff member to enter.

  •  Retail products will be behind a red line that prevents people from standing closely to them and touching them. A sign has been placed if you touch a retail product you must purchase it. Prices will be given verbally from our staff so nobody touches an item.

  • Single use samples are available for most products. Full size testers will not currently be available.

  • Beverages will not be offered to clients at this time

  • Clients are not permitted to bring food or drinks into the salon.

  • Clients are not permitted to bring a coat or sweater to their appointment.

  • Clients are not permitted to bring anyone to their appointment.

  • Clients are only allowed to pay via contactless, e-transfer or POS

  • Regular daily safety meetings at the beginning of each day will allow us to asses and adjust our cleaning procedures as needed to maintain there highest safety standards.


Client management

  • Clients are pre screened with a scripted list of questions by one of our staff members before entering our salon. A sign will be on the door reminding them of this policy.

  • Clients are to wait outside before their appointment.

  • Clients must arrive alone. If they need transport or a support person that person must wait outside the salon and is not permitted to enter.

  • We do not allow group bookings at this time.

  • Walk in appointments are currently prohibited.

  • Unneeded physical contact is not allowed, such as hand shaking or other forms of embrace.

  • Clients must wash hands upon entry

  • Clients are not permitted to bring a jacket inside

  • No food or drinks are permitted or offered in the salon at this time.

  • Workers will wash hands before and after each client, when they step away from a client, after using the restroom, after putting on their mask or face shield, after sanitizing their tools, after they touch any non sanitized item at their station before they touch a client, or any time they leave the salon and return such as taking out the trash, or going on their break.


Providing Personal services


  • Technician must wear a face shield or mask at all times

  • Technicians must tie their hair back and have it away from their face.

  • Dirty towels are immediately placed into a plastic bag and washed in hot water exceeding 65 degrees celsius. The bag will be emptied into the washer while the employee wears gloves and a mask.


Tools and Equipment


  • The floors will are sanitized at the end of each night and at the start of each day.

  • All touch surfaces are sanitized after each client throughout the day.

  • All stations are sanitized after each client and at the beginning and end of each shift and start and end of each day.

  • Sanitation time has been added in between each client to sanitize

  • The reception/checkout are must be sanitized each hour.

  • The POS machine is sanitized after each use.

  • Retail is not to be touched unless it is to be purchased.



This document will be updated as knowledge on managing COVID-19 develops. Any questions or concerns can be directed to Sara San, owner of Lash + Love Connection INC. 

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