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What is botched ink®  Saline tattoo removal?

Are you looking to have your microbladed or permanent makeup fixed, corrected or removed? Are your eyebrows too saturated with pigment that needs color lifting before we can give you New brows with better shape and better color choice? Has your eyebrow tattoo changed the pigment color to a different color from when you first had them done, and now you hate them? Or ... do you just have tattoo regret and want to start afresh?

LBS Lash + Brow Inc. can help you with any of these concerns as I'm an officially trained Botched Ink® technician! I am here to help eyebrow emergencies. If a freshly microbladed or tattooed brow turns out completely wrong, Botched Ink® will come to the rescue you!

Botched Ink® is a saline solution that closely resembles the skin's natural pH, which means it's gentle on the skin! During treatment there's no lingering burn or stinging but just a small mild sting towards the end of the treatment when we soak the solution into skin to lift the pigment. Botched Ink® quickly dries out the treated area, and any pigment healed into that skin. If the skin contains tattoo pigment this will dry out too, lifting and removing the pigment during the skin's' natural healing process.Botched Ink® causes minimal inflammation or irritation, so the healing process is pretty non-eventful. Botched Ink® dried out skin scab is shades of brown, a great color for eyebrows. You might even get complimented on your new brows.

Any kind of tattoo removal is a process. It is way harder to remove pigment out from the skin than taking the pigment into the skin. It's worthy mentally and financially committing to at least 3 sessions before starting so we can assess how easily the pigment is removing from your skin.

  • Most clients see improvements after 2 or 3 sessions.

  • Each sessions need 8 weeks between so the skin will heal properly

  • Initially the pigment may look darker before it gets lighter.

  • Pigment that sits deep in the skin comes up to the surface.

  • This makes removal easier in further sessions

For some the goal is complete removal, others are looking for color lightning so the area can be re-worked. During the removal process we are assessing and responding to the pigment, how deep it sits in the skin, is the area saturated with pigment and skin stain (the russet, lilac and warm colours) from years of top ups.

The fresher the tattoo, the easier it is to remove. If you just got permanent makeup done and waiting to remove badly, contact me right away so we can schedule Emergency tattoo removal within 48hours after you got permanent makeup done.


Book your complimentary consultation today so I can explain more the process of this treatment!

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