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Shoko Noto 
Lash + Brow Specialist / Small Feminine Tattoo Artist / Educator at LBS Lash + Brow Inc.

I have been doing eyelash since 2015. I always love the idea of "wake up and go" with eyelash extensions. The first time I got my lashes done was when I was in high school and fell in love with them since. I had been spending more than half hour for makeup and struggling with putting false lashes on everyday. 


I had been doing eyelash at home as my side job/hobby since I had full-time job in hospitality industry. As of April, 2018, I established my company LBS Lash Bar Inc.

I am holding multiple professional certifications for Eyelash. Eyelash extension industry is still growing very fast; therefore, I strongly believe that it is important to keep educate yourself and gain the latest techniques and knowledge to provide the best service to clients. 

In 2020, with my all professional knowledge and experiences, I've started to offer Lash 101 Beginners Classic Eyelash Extensions Training course, Lash 201 Beginners Volume Eyelash Extensions Training course and Lash 301 Advanced Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions Master Lash Mentoring program. Details for Lash trainings, you can find more information under training section in this page. 
October, 2020, I have participated ELITE INTERNATIONAL LASH COMPETITION and won 3rd Place on Mega Volume Advanced category. Also, 2021, I've received 3rd place on Expert Mega Volume category at ELITE INTERNATIONAL LASH COMPETITION  

I love putting my effort into my work to give my all clients what they want. All my Volume lash fans are handmade by me and spend extra time on them. I also make sure that eyelash extensions are not damaging my clients' natural lashes and make sure all my clients get professional advices on how to take care of them and anything regarding eyelash extensions. It is very important to choose experienced eyelash technician so that you know they are not hurting your lashes.  

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